You must be prepping yourself from months to look your best in your bridal outfit on your D-Day to get married at one of the best banquet halls in Delhi NCR. But, what after that? You really need to move on from all stress of planning, getting ready and sleepless nights during your wedding. Even your skin needs to be pampered after so many makeup sessions of your wedding functions. So, here are some tips to maintain the Post-Wedding Glow…

Avoid Applying Makeup

After so many days of makeup, you really need to go on easy on your skin to maintain the beauty of your skin. Those layers of makeup should be avoided so that your skin can get a fresh breath of air. But, still, if you want to look perfect then just add a drop of foundation/mousse/BB cream in your regular moisturizer and dap it on to your face and neck area evenly.

Lots of Beauty Sleep

Beauty sleep is really important after all that wedding madness. You really have to get rid of those eye bags after that all the celebration. All you need to do is sleep as much as you can.  So, get your silk eye mask on and take that beauty sleep you deserve. It is surely the best solution to all problems.

Never Forget Sunscreen

Never ever forget to apply sunscreen, irrespective of what weather it is. You should always coat your skin with a sufficient amount of sunscreen even if you are indoors. This helps to keep your skin hydrated all day long. Plus, its regular use leaves you with prettier skin tone and texture.

Healthy Diet

After all those dinners invite as well as constant pampering from in-laws, all you need to do is eating clean to have acne free skin. Add a balance by adding water-rich fruits and veggies like watermelons, strawberries, papayas, celery, carrots and cucumbers in your diet.

Follow a proper Skincare regime

Following a proper skincare regimen is really important to maintain your post-wedding glow. So follow a basic skin care regime religiously to maintain flawless skin. Ensure that you are following the CTM routine—Cleansing, Toning & Moisturizing for your skin on a regular basis.

We hope this will help you to have flawless skin even after wedding…

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