Every year, the new trends take weddings with storm and the year 2019 has one of the biggest floral trends was the no flower trend – greenery! It is a modern take on the greenery and is a perfect trend for modern age weddings. So, being loved by so many, it’s no surprise this trend is only expected to get bigger this year, especially after Pantone named ‘Greenery’ their colour of the year! This the vibrant hue has made its mark and has become the trend for the year specially for day weddings in Summer. Adding greenery to the setting will give an organic and lush touch for all to admire.

So here are some creative ways to add this trend in your wedding décor…

All green walls

We have all heard about floral walls which were a hit last year. Now, they have got a new makeover with an all green look. They look all natural and add a unique touch to décor at the venues. There are so many farmhouses for wedding in Chattarpur that have incorporated these walls to add beauty to this theme.

Table Decoration

When it comes to table decorations, there are various elements such as table cloth, centrepieces, and even the chair arrangements that can be decked up with green colour. You could use green linens with floral prints for your table cloth and runners. The centrepieces could be equally vibrant and done up entirely in green with a blend of other shades like ivory or gold or maybe even a purple.

Green Chandeliers

Chandeliers are the show stealers for the venue. If you will add green elements to it then it will truly match up with your Greenery themed décor. It will totally look mesmerizing and  add a whimsical touch to the venue.

Entrance Façade

If you want to make your wedding a dreamy affair than add some green drapes as well as flowers with ferns to create a breathtaking façade. They are so popular nowadays and have become a part of all kinds of décor as well…

Pro Tip: It is important when you select a particular shade of green – whether it is emerald or mint or a pastel shade, you keep in mind the overall theme of the event and the location as well.

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